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Summer has been a creative writer since elementary school. Her mother, being a writer, allowed her creative side to be nurtured at a young age. Always reading and writing in her household. She has won awards for her writing and is working on many writing projects at the time.

Summer Dion's most recent credits belong to a Christmas Special that aired on PBS 12 in Denver, Colorado this year. HOW COVID STOLE CHRISTMAS, a Christmas Special produced by Kayla Marque, a singer/songwriter and Summer's sister, asked her to Host, Narrate and Write for the special. Writing in the style of Dr. Suess, Summer took you on a ride of the trials of 2020 and the choas of COVID-19 and quarantine. Please check out the special if you missed it on the website. Link is attached to the photo below.  




Stayed tuned for more information about where to catch her latest creations with words. 

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