Hello Lovelies!!


SUMMERSKOOLED.TUMBLR.COM subscribe now to the new blog!! Life in New York has definitely been challenging and yet so rewarding. I have been here 10 months now and I have had the opportunity to dance, flash mobs, choreograph, act, sing, audition and experience so much.  I have a few projects  that I am creating and working on right now. I have done lots of extra work and hoping that some days these small extra gigs will lead to more great things. I have worked on Person of Interest, Sex Drugs Love Rock & Roll, Mozart in the Jungle, MetLife (commerical), Spoken Word (movie), and Orange is the New Black. I am currently looking for representation for Acting (Television/Film, Theater), Dancing and Modeling.

I was blessed to book a gig choreographing for a television show, “Say It In Song” for MTV at the beginning of August. Great experience and blessing for me and I am ready to do more. Keep checking back because I have great things on the horizon in the next month.

Have a blessed day!